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AAP Punjab News | AAP means Kejriwal & Kejriwal means AAP

When the founding members ofAAP had left Arvind Kejriwalthey blamed their old college for adopting the dictatorial attitude. The expelled founding members had revealed that AAP meansArvind Kejriwal and KejriwalmeansAAP. They told that the party has been working on the directions of Kejriwal and he has nothing to do with the other party leaders and workers. He has only a motive of winning votes and nothing else.

The muffler man during his five days tour in Punjab had visited the different places in the state but he did not bother to talk about his party leaders who are facing criminal cases. The family members of the leaders have criticised the AAP supremo for betraying the party workers.

Baltej Pannu, the leader of AAP was arrested in a rape case and the family members of another leader, Raghbir Singh Bhairowal were also arrested by the police in a criminal case.

The party has been witnessing the internal rift within the party in Punjab. According to the sad lined party workers, the Chief Minister of Delhi did not speak up for his two leaders who are in soup.

Disappointment at the current leadership seems to being growing. There were complaints that Kejriwal failed to meet Bapu Surat Singh during his Punjab visit too.

The AAP’s reach in Punjab could garner much support but the absence of support for fellow members seems to be becoming noticeable.

The abandonment of support for members such as Baltej PannuandBhairowal doesn’t appear to be indicated a realistic approach by AAP supremo.

Dharamvit Gandhi, the suspended AAP MP from Patiala told that the muffler man has nothing to do with the party leaders and members. He is only concentrating on the vote bank only.

Gandhi further told that during the Punjab visit, Kejriwal did not bother to talk to the two suspended MPs. It shows that he has nothing to do with the leaders and supporters of AAP as he is only focusing on the vote bank.

Kejriwal did not speak against Bhagwant Mann as he knows that Mann is very much famous in abroad for his comedy and he has a good fan following in other countries. The maximum funding has been coming from abroad so that’s why Mann is a blue eyed boy of Kejri.

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AAP Punjab | Odd-Even Formula ! EPIC FAIL

With lots of loopholes and faults in the plan, not welcomed with open-arms at all by the people of National Capital, the Odd-Even rule burst out publicly with social media like twitter and facebook, condemning the Aam Aadmi Party.

Much talked Delhi’s off-the charts pollution levels, that made people suffer – who could not breathe in its air, was never reduced with this Odd-even formula trial that lasted for good fifteen days. The formula could just raise money for AAP leaders through fines, challans, launching of website and nothing fruitful came up as a result to pollution levels. Delhi remained Polluted.

AAP PUNJAB car pollution

On one hand where experts disagree on whether the traffic restrictions during those 15 days in January reduced pollution in the city; the courts on the other hand pointed out the need for more public transport.

“Capital city not only witness pollution caused by vehicles running but through other polluting sources as well”

Exempted Vehicles
List of vehicles which were exempted from the scheme was long and further fueled the fire among the residents, as it included: two-wheelers, CNG-driven and electric vehicles, women driving, vehicles providing emergency-medical, fire, prison, enforcement and Governors, President, Vice President , Chief Justice, Deputy Speaker & Speaker of Lok Sabha, Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha and Prime Minister.

Experiment likely to return
Another bogus promise of Kejriwal – a ‘better version’ of Odd-even scheme, with necessary ‘changes and precautions.’

“Once failed, Kejriwal is all set to yet fail again; as he comes up with his so-called ‘improved version’ of Odd-even scheme”

Will Delhi accept it?
Despite of metros and buses running across Delhi, its public transport often falls short. Not too many alternatives are left when an auto-rickshaw driver refuses to cover short distances. For working women who could not drive, radio taxies were the alternate which were even not safer at times. Will the people of Delhi accept the odd-even formula once again, when it urged them to get out of their comfort zone, leaving the hard-earned car in the garage and use public transport which is not at all convenient at the moment?

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AAP Punjab | Aam Aadmi’s Simplicity fades away

The ‘Aam Aadmi’ who is generally seen talking about ‘simplicity’ and ‘values for life’ using proverb ‘simple living and high thinking’, has been courting one controversy after another ever since he became the Chief Minister of Delhi.

The man is ‘Arvind Kejriwal’ and nobody else, who talked loud about an ideal life style of a common man. Kejriwal, who came to power falsely promising a clean and efficient government without the VIP culture, has not only moved to his new 10 room bungalow, spread over ‘eight acres’ but also enjoys the SUV’s ride. Not only Delhi CM but all AAP MLAs and ministers enjoy SUVs and a comfortable and luxurious life.

‘Aam Aadmi’ at ‘Khaas Wedding’

AAP Punjab arvind kejriwalimages.jpg

AAP national convener and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, and deputy CM Manish Sisodia along with AAP leader Kumar Vishwas were among those ‘Aam Aadmis’ who attended a ‘khaas wedding’ of Congress-turned-AAP-leader Sukhpal Singh Khaira’s daughter with former Punjab Chief Minister Darbara Singh’s Grandson. And the Groom’s elder brother is married to daughter of Jagmeet Singh Brar, a senior Congress leader.

Kejriwal’s presence at Brar’s close relative family function rose questions
Kejriwal was seen embracing Jagmeet Singh Brar at the wedding. Now the questions that rose here are: ‘Who’s the one who gained from the ‘Khaas Shaadi”? Is it ‘AAP’ or ‘Congress’?
Answer is actually very difficult for the masses to understand or it can be said that it is very difficult question to answer.

Kejriwal simply forgetting the ideology of his life
With his presence on a ‘big fat wedding’ of Jagmeet Brar’s daughter, Kejriwal has simply proved that he has forgotten the basic rules of his ideology “simple living and high thinking’, as it is difficult to lead such a life. A man of simplicity neither pampers his body with sumptuous food nor massages like Kejriwal does, nor has wits with self-centered thoughts like Kejriwal has. The only thing he thinks is relieving his fellow men of their misery and adding some joy to their lives

“Instead of becoming simple and uncomplicated every day, Kejriwal is becoming more clever and complicated with each passing day” and slowly he is revealing himself as a khaas aadmi who was wearing the mask of Aam Aadmi.

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Kejriwal-led AAP govt. made retired Major General cry

The man who commanded a battalion in operation ‘Kargil’ and was awarded the ‘Vishisht Seva Medal’, the man who never cried on a war front has cried on national television as he feel pained by the ‘cheap politics’ of Kejriwal-led AAP government as it opposed the hoisting of India’s National Flag on Indian soil in central universities.


“I did not cry even at the time when my elder brother Raman Bakshi became a Martyr in 1965 India-Pakistan war, as being a soldier and a true nationalist ‘we’ soldiers are prepared to give our lives up for the nation”, cried Major General (Rtd) Gagandeep Bakshi. “But today’s incident has made me cry where Delhi Chief Minister is demoralizing our brave soldiers, who die for TriColour”, adds General Bakshi.

Men like general Bakshi, who shed blood for the country and never asked for anything in return should be thanked enough for their sacrifices. Politicians like Arvind Kejriwal, who had earlier supported the anti-national elements and now objected to hoisting the National flag and questioned its timings, should be punished strictly.

“When agitating students of JNU called Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru martyrs and even demanded the breaking up of India, why did not Arvind Kejriwal raise his voice?”

The dirty politics and debate over the issue of “Tricolour” being hoisted in the central universities, made the Army Veteran to shed tears.

With hash tag #TricolourForUnity, social media tweeter also felt reasonable:

“Hamare jawano ki kadar kariye jo shaheed ho gaye hain”, Major Gen (Retd) Bakshi
“I am deeply pained by the dirty polity of Delhi CM. In armed forces we die for the flag”, Major Gen (Retd)
“Tragedy of my nation, I see tears in eyes of a brave soldier like you”, Smriti Irani to ”  Major Gen (Retd)

To his tweets, many other tweeted:
“Shame on Arvind Kejriwal, as being the Chief Minister of Delhi, he is playing dirty politics. His brain-dead remarks on the JNU issue, made my blood boil.”
“I cannot grasp the fact that how can an Indian disagree with this decision. Our country’s national flag is our pride”
“Most sacred symbol of one nation is its National Flag. Hoist the tricolour anywhere, everywhere, at any time with the greatest reverence and respect”.

AAP Punjab jiojkijk

Politicians like Kejriwal eat food grown by Indian farmers and sleeps fearlessly because of the brave soldiers of the nation, should think twice before saying anything against the nation, national flag or those brave soldiers.

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Auto rickshaw permit scam AAP Punjab

AAP Punjab | Kejriwal’s bad boy – Somnath Bharti

Arvind Kejriwal, who had claimed to be the “massiah” of the residents of Delhi is actually a protector of a bad man who has no respect for woman. The bad man of Kejriwal is Somnath Bharti, the cabinet minister who was arrested last year in case of domestic violence.

Bharti with police

The national convenor of AAP did not leave any stone unturned to protect him but the police took the action against Bharti on a complaint filed by his wife. Kejriwal’s minister had arrested under various sections of the IPC including 307 (attempt to murder), 420 (cheating and dishonesty), 406 (punishment for criminal breach of trust), 417 (punishment for cheating), 313 (causing miscarriage without woman’s consent), 324 (voluntarily causing hurt), 498a (husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty), 506 (punishment for criminal intimidation.

Bharti, who had evaded arrest for nearly a week, had surrendered in the last week of December 2015  after the Supreme Court ordered him to give himself up in the domestic violence and attempt to murder case filed by his wife.


Lipika, his wife had filed a complaint of domestic violence with the Delhi Commission for Women on June 10 alleging that her husband had been abusing her since their marriage in 2010.

Bharti used the derogatory remark for women

Bharti, who was allegedly involved in a midnight raid targeting a group of African nationals in Malviya Nagar in 2014 during AAP’s 49-day stint in government, had said: “I am fully confident that if Delhi government is given full freedom (over security), beautiful women will be able to go out even after midnight without any fear. We will provide a fully-secure Delhi…”


The remark of Bharti aroused a lot of criticism and the rival parties criticised the AAP government for shielding Bharti.

CPI(M)’s Brinda Karat said his comments —

made at the Delhi assembly — reflected his “mentality” and quality of discussion at the House. She also described Bharti as a serial offender. 

At that time, Kejriwal did not react against Bharti and protected him. It clearly shows the stand of Kejriwal favouring the wrong persons.

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AAP Punjab | Smriti Irani ne lokasabha mein Opposition kee lagaee kalaas

Human Resource Development mantree Smriti Irani ne lokasabha mein rohit vaimul kee aatmahatya aur JNU ke mudde par apna bayan dete hue, prabhaavashaalee trike se apne aap ko kuj is thra prakat kiaa.

meree zaat bata kar dikhao: Smriti Irani ne lokasabha mein vipaksh varg kee lagaee kalaas, party ka member huai khush

Full Speach :

sansad mein bajat seshan ke doosare din budhavaar ko raajyasabha-lokasabha mein hangaamedaar bahas huee. raajyasabha mein Smriti Irani ne haidaraabaad yoonivarsitee ke rohit vemula ke susaid aur jeenayoo vivaad par vipaksh ko joradaar javaab diya. is dauraan vo kabhee aakraamak to kabhee bhaavuk najar aaeen.

  • paarliyaament mein Smriti Irani ne kya kaha…

Smriti Irani ne kaha ki apane kartavyon ke lie main maaphee nahin maangoongee. 20 maheene ke apane kaaryakaal mein mainne bina kisee bhedabhaav ke desh kee aur logon kee seva kee hai. unhonne kaha ki mera naam Smriti Irani hai, main chunautee detee hoon, meree jaati bataakar dekhie.

  • kaisa raha soshal meediya ka riekshan

sansad mein Smriti Irani ke aakraamak aur bhaavuk hone ke baad soshal meediya par vo trend karane lageen. ek yoojar ne unake popular seeriyal kabhee saas bhee kabhee bahoo thee kee do photoj ko sheyar kiya. in photoj mein bataaya ki vipaksh kya samajh raha tha aur Smriti Irani ne kaise riekt kiya.

  • mainne kabhee nahin poochha kisee kee jaati

Smriti Irani ne kaha ki unhen hajaaron kee sankhya mein logon se letar mile aur unhonne isaka nipataara kiya aur kisee se yah nahin poochha ki unakee jaati ya dharm kya hai .

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