AAP Punjab News | Arvind Kejriwal spends crores to get publicity

More than 100 Crore rupees were spent on advertising to celebrate the first anniversary of Arvind kejriwal lead Delhi government. This egoistic act drew a sharp rebuke from the people all over India, as the tax payer’s money which was used to glorify Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party, could be rather spent on the development works on the National capital.

sukhpal singh khaira

Recently, AAP government was seen using Public money on its advertising campaigns which included campaigns across print, television, radio and outdoor publicity. There are more than 50 Daily newspapers across India in different languages, which carried Kejriwal’s advertisement for his ‘big day’.

Violation of Supreme Court’s verdict

AAP has again clearly violated the guidelines of the Supreme Court as Supreme Court had prohibited the use of photographs of political leaders in advertisements issued by any government and its agencies. Arvind Kejriwal-led government in the past 11 months has spent hundreds of crore of rupees, and for the big day it has spent exorbitantly.

sukhpal singh khaira udg.jpg

Arvind kejriwal had earlier also issued the TV commercial, which was again a violation of Supreme Court’s orders. Same was done through the means of Radio, which again amounted to contempt of court.

“From where did the money come?”

Such a substantial propaganda that included full page coverage in almost every newspaper across the country had raised the eyebrows of a ‘common man’ of Delhi. People want to know the ground reality.

Were the expenses for such a superficial advertisement campaign (which amounts in crores) derived from Aam Aadmi Party fund or the Delhi government’s fund – which includes hard earned money paid to government in the form of taxes?

Who gave AAP government power to misuse public funds for its so-called politically motivated advertisements?

Answers still awaited!!

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