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AAP Punjab News | AAP means Kejriwal & Kejriwal means AAP

When the founding members ofAAP had left Arvind Kejriwalthey blamed their old college for adopting the dictatorial attitude. The expelled founding members had revealed that AAP meansArvind Kejriwal and KejriwalmeansAAP. They told that the party has been working on the directions of Kejriwal and he has nothing to do with the other party leaders and workers. He has only a motive of winning votes and nothing else.

The muffler man during his five days tour in Punjab had visited the different places in the state but he did not bother to talk about his party leaders who are facing criminal cases. The family members of the leaders have criticised the AAP supremo for betraying the party workers.

Baltej Pannu, the leader of AAP was arrested in a rape case and the family members of another leader, Raghbir Singh Bhairowal were also arrested by the police in a criminal case.

The party has been witnessing the internal rift within the party in Punjab. According to the sad lined party workers, the Chief Minister of Delhi did not speak up for his two leaders who are in soup.

Disappointment at the current leadership seems to being growing. There were complaints that Kejriwal failed to meet Bapu Surat Singh during his Punjab visit too.

The AAP’s reach in Punjab could garner much support but the absence of support for fellow members seems to be becoming noticeable.

The abandonment of support for members such as Baltej PannuandBhairowal doesn’t appear to be indicated a realistic approach by AAP supremo.

Dharamvit Gandhi, the suspended AAP MP from Patiala told that the muffler man has nothing to do with the party leaders and members. He is only concentrating on the vote bank only.

Gandhi further told that during the Punjab visit, Kejriwal did not bother to talk to the two suspended MPs. It shows that he has nothing to do with the leaders and supporters of AAP as he is only focusing on the vote bank.

Kejriwal did not speak against Bhagwant Mann as he knows that Mann is very much famous in abroad for his comedy and he has a good fan following in other countries. The maximum funding has been coming from abroad so that’s why Mann is a blue eyed boy of Kejri.


AAP Punjab News | Arvind Kejriwal spends crores to get publicity

More than 100 Crore rupees were spent on advertising to celebrate the first anniversary of Arvind kejriwal lead Delhi government. This egoistic act drew a sharp rebuke from the people all over India, as the tax payer’s money which was used to glorify Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party, could be rather spent on the development works on the National capital.

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Recently, AAP government was seen using Public money on its advertising campaigns which included campaigns across print, television, radio and outdoor publicity. There are more than 50 Daily newspapers across India in different languages, which carried Kejriwal’s advertisement for his ‘big day’.

Violation of Supreme Court’s verdict

AAP has again clearly violated the guidelines of the Supreme Court as Supreme Court had prohibited the use of photographs of political leaders in advertisements issued by any government and its agencies. Arvind Kejriwal-led government in the past 11 months has spent hundreds of crore of rupees, and for the big day it has spent exorbitantly.

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Arvind kejriwal had earlier also issued the TV commercial, which was again a violation of Supreme Court’s orders. Same was done through the means of Radio, which again amounted to contempt of court.

“From where did the money come?”

Such a substantial propaganda that included full page coverage in almost every newspaper across the country had raised the eyebrows of a ‘common man’ of Delhi. People want to know the ground reality.

Were the expenses for such a superficial advertisement campaign (which amounts in crores) derived from Aam Aadmi Party fund or the Delhi government’s fund – which includes hard earned money paid to government in the form of taxes?

Who gave AAP government power to misuse public funds for its so-called politically motivated advertisements?

Answers still awaited!!

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AAP Punjab News | Anti-National “Arvind kejriwal”

BS Bassi, Delhi Police Commissioner said:

What happened in JNU on 9 February was unacceptable not only in the eyes of our judiciary but also by a patriot. Delhi Police has “ample evidence” against Kanhaiya, who had violated the law”,

AAP PUNJAb khainya.jpg

If any academic institution cannot be permitted to be a hub of anti-national activities then how can it be permitted to state’s chief minister to safeguard the anti-national elements?

“Kanhaiya is innocent and he did not break the law. Innocent students and reporters became victim by OP Sharma. Why is he still free?” said Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi

Nationalist Slogans at Patiala House

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When a group of patriot lawyers chanted nationalist slogans like “Vande Mataram” and “Bharat Mata ki Jai”, in Patiala House Court yesterday against Kanhaiya Kumar and other anti-national elements. Arvind kejriwal took an ‘anti-national’ stand by voicing his support for the JNU students, calling them innocent. He is the same man who had raised his voice through tweeter when police took action against the anti-Indian activity in JNU, but was sitting quite when those anti-Indian slogans were being raised.

“People who raised anti-India slogans like “Pakistan Zindabad” have been projected as heroes & we are being addressed as “Gundas”, Why?” questioned Vikram Chauhan to the Delhi Chief Minister.

Hypocrisy & anti-national nature of Kejriwal could be understood when he had threatened to disrupt the Republic Day celebrations by holding a ‘dharna’ for the reason that he had not been invited for the event. What sort of respect Kejriwal has for our institutions and for the sacrifices of our soldiers, our freedom fighters and our people? What is the guarantee that Kejriwal won’t support anti-national elements, just to defame his opponents and create media-hype?

As a true Indian, Kejriwal should understand that anybody who is associated with anti-nationals is treated as “anti-national” only. He should think beyond his vote bank politics and not compromise national unity and integrity.

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AAP Punjab News | AAP ‘mystery’ of donations and donors Solved

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which has built a place for itself in the Indian political scenario, has been charged by a democracy watchdog of taking donations from ‘mysterious’ donors. The ‘Association for Democratic Reforms’ (ADR) has claimed in its report that the ruling party of Delhi saw a donation hike of over 250% in 2014-2015 and that a huge sum has come from undeclared donors. The report also claims that AAP was the only state party to see such a huge hike in the previous financial year.

As per the report, AAP saw a 275% hike in donations received last year, much higher than the party’s total increase of 151%. According to a report by Zee News, the ADR press statement stated that the party had received Rs. 9.42 Crores in donations in the year 2013-2014, while last year, the party donations jumped to a whopping Rs 35.28 crore! The most shocking part of it all is that names of about 111 donors of the money have not been disclosed by the party, which claims to be a crusader for transparency


These ‘mystery’ donors have reportedly donated above Rs. 20,000 each to the party  are absent from the party’s list of donors and AAP has not released either their PAN card details or their names and addresses. The report also said that Maharashtra and Delhi were the biggest contributors in filling the party coffers- 23.28%  of total donations came from the former while Delhi donors gave AAP 20.42 per cent of total donations. Above 25% of the donations also came from outside India. The report was prepared by ADR on the basis of the list of names of donors provided by the party to the Election Commission of India.

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AAP Punjab | Delhi’s Free water – Reality

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Now that Aam Aadmi Party is going to complete its one year in governing Delhi, it was not time-consuming to write about their broken promises and outright U-turns, as there is no work done at all.

Like Greek saying “to win a person’s heart, serve him the aromatic savory of his choice”, same is what Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party applied during its campaign – that promises win elections and hearts. But, it forgot the basic principle; to not keep promises loses you the next election.

Now, Delhi government has come up with a solution to cover up for its failures – one is to blame its opponents making wild accusations and second making people of Delhi fool by diverting their attention to other pity issues. Kejriwal distracted the public and his opponents from his U-turns with daily dose of new discussions in media or social media and claimed himself as ‘victim’ whenever countered by his opponents.

Providing people of Delhi, Free Wi-Fi, Electricity and most importantly water were among few of their promises.  As that is easier to say then to do, AAP has failed in one year

aap punjab news water

AAP’s water policy goes notably against the poor and the lower middle class. Metered households with a family size greater than five members pay for all the water consumed as their usage is higher on a per household basis. In contrast, Delhi is proving ‘almost’ free water to rich people as it pays subsidy to those who can afford to pay more and need lesser amount of water on daily basis.

Kejriwal who had promised to provide free water to the people of Delhi had forgotten to include unauthorized colonies and jhuggi jhoppri. That clearly indicates – no free water to almost 50% of Delhi, as the money needed to upgrade infrastructure goes into the pockets of corrupt politicians or freebies.

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AAP Punjab | Kejriwal’s U-turn on power waiver

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Many promises made by Aam Aadmi Party during its election campaign have turned in to “chunavi joomlas”. One of such promises was “Reduction of Electricity Prices by half” mentioned in his manifesto, which gained a huge attention and media hype.

With almost 36 lakh families using electricty meters, nearly 110000 units gets consumed every year in the National Capital. If Kejriwal has to be taken seriously that 90% of Delhi families would get reduced power tariffs, they need to comsume less then 400 units.

An air-conditioner or water heater (geyser) runs for 6-7 hours in a day and it would consume more than 500 units within one month. So, as per Kejriwal’s calculations there are no air-conditioner or water heaters available in more than 90% of Delhi homes. Either Kejriwal is weak in Mathematics or he is just fooling the public and protecting voter bank. Sooner or later, people who supported Kejriwal on the point of ‘reducing power tariff, have now realized the trap of Kejriwal and are paying inflated rates for their power consumption.\

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Now let’s talk about subsidy of 1400 crore. If Kejriwal subsidizes Rs.2 per unit for 90% of those 36 lakh families using 400 units per month, the subsidy weight would be around 3200 crore per year, and the money would be taken from tax payers’ pocket.

The AAP government needs to be complimented for befooling people so easily. In the last one year, AAP has shown its true color. Reasons could be many but at the end AAP failed.

May it be its fund-raising through anti-India elements or its corrupt leaders or supporting anti-national activists, it has left people of Delhi disheartened.

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