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AAP Punjab | Odd-Even Formula ! EPIC FAIL

With lots of loopholes and faults in the plan, not welcomed with open-arms at all by the people of National Capital, the Odd-Even rule burst out publicly with social media like twitter and facebook, condemning the Aam Aadmi Party.

Much talked Delhi’s off-the charts pollution levels, that made people suffer – who could not breathe in its air, was never reduced with this Odd-even formula trial that lasted for good fifteen days. The formula could just raise money for AAP leaders through fines, challans, launching of website and nothing fruitful came up as a result to pollution levels. Delhi remained Polluted.

AAP PUNJAB car pollution

On one hand where experts disagree on whether the traffic restrictions during those 15 days in January reduced pollution in the city; the courts on the other hand pointed out the need for more public transport.

“Capital city not only witness pollution caused by vehicles running but through other polluting sources as well”

Exempted Vehicles
List of vehicles which were exempted from the scheme was long and further fueled the fire among the residents, as it included: two-wheelers, CNG-driven and electric vehicles, women driving, vehicles providing emergency-medical, fire, prison, enforcement and Governors, President, Vice President , Chief Justice, Deputy Speaker & Speaker of Lok Sabha, Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha and Prime Minister.

Experiment likely to return
Another bogus promise of Kejriwal – a ‘better version’ of Odd-even scheme, with necessary ‘changes and precautions.’

“Once failed, Kejriwal is all set to yet fail again; as he comes up with his so-called ‘improved version’ of Odd-even scheme”

Will Delhi accept it?
Despite of metros and buses running across Delhi, its public transport often falls short. Not too many alternatives are left when an auto-rickshaw driver refuses to cover short distances. For working women who could not drive, radio taxies were the alternate which were even not safer at times. Will the people of Delhi accept the odd-even formula once again, when it urged them to get out of their comfort zone, leaving the hard-earned car in the garage and use public transport which is not at all convenient at the moment?

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