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In first 50 days of AAP govt., National convener of AAP, Arvind Kejriwal’s opportunism and contradictions came to light when there were separate entries for VIP and VVIP card holders witnessed during an event organized by AAP government to launch an anti-corruption helpline in Delhi. Picture of the VIP and VVIP parking boards outside Talkatora Stadium got viral on social media. Many of the leaders asked Kejriwal that the person who used to denounced the ‘VIP culture’ and always projected himself as a ‘common man’ and his Aam Aadmi Party as a ‘party of common man’ has taken a U-turn. 

AAP’s U-turn on “VIP Culture”

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 Arvind Kejriwal, who had sworn by his children to never form a political party, formed his own Aam Aadmi Party. Not only this, but he had also broken the promise which he had made on record to not tie up with any other political party especially Congress. It is a well known fact that this man took support from Congress Party to become Chief Minister of Delhi.

The man who assured people of Delhi that he will have ‘No Security’ but in reality is enjoying ‘Z category’ security cover, with more than 30 armed commandoes and a huge convoy and entire government machinery at his disposal.

Kejriwal, who had promised NOT to use a government car ever, is now travelling in an SUV bearing number 0001 of Delhi govt. He had protested use of private planes by politicians but in reality after becoming Delhi CM started using private jets for his own comfort.  

Kejriwal has moved in to a grand bungalow which is spread over eight acres and includes five bedrooms, office room, two large lawns, a garden, three servant quarters and parking. 

Kejriwal, who talked about making Delhi “India’s first corruption-free state”, has failed to even take hard-hitting action against the corrupt leaders of AAP or offenders.

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